2 Years

Today marks two years that I have owned and run TheOtherMartinTaylor.com. I'm not exactly sure how I feel about that or what to say about it but I do think I should say something.

Two years is a pretty long time in web-years. Not that I didn't have a web presence before that, but prior I had always used free hosts and services and had always been dissatisfied with the results. When I brought this site on line it was with modest ambitions;

  • to motivate myself to take more pictures to feed a photoblog
  • as something of a portfolio that I could use to monitor my progress through the coming months
  • to become part of the photoblogging community.

The good thing about modest ambitions is that they're more achievable than grand ambitions. Still, I am relatively happy that I have kept up my photoblog for this long without becoming bored or tired of it and that the same ambitions continue to be my motivation. I can honestly say that posting to my photoblog has never been a chore and if it becomes one I'm likely to drop it like the proverbial hot-potato.

To those who regularly drop by to see what I'm doing, I thank you. I'm not going to promise anything revolutionary in the coming 12 months, just more of the same with the same old strap line; photoblography from an enthusiastic amateur.



Posted by tetsu at December 9, 2005 6:16 PM
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