laid up

Another image I took for my portraiture class. Unfortunately, my wife's recent surgery meant that I had little time for photography so I had to make the best of opportunities close to home. I'm sorry I didn't have opportunity to be more adventurous but I was trying to show something of the tedium of being laid up by and injury especially when you're not old. I tried to do this by contrasting the white, bandaged foot with the colorful, out of focus background.

I'm sorry that the class is already over. The instructor, Victoria Heilweil, was phenomenal. She showed me how much I still have to learn ... in a good way. At the end of the last class she showed us some of her own work. It is very provocative and, especially when seen en masse, very thought provoking. I'm starting to get an inkling about what is art in photography, and what is just pretty pictures. While I have no aspirations to go pro' unlike half of the rest of the class, I need more than an inkling to take photography to the next level but I am grateful to Victoria for this glimpse.