The new edition of came out earlier this week. I'm always impressed by the enthusiasm of photographers and the overall quality of this free, online photography magazine. Maybe I'll get the courage to submit one day myself.

I always read the photographer's blurbs with interest. Most fall into one of two camps; digital or toy camera. You'd think from these categories that the kind and quality of work produced from the two camps would be wholly different but I'm struck more by the similarities which is surprising. If it weren't for the vignetting I wouldn't be able to distinguish one from the other.

Why, then, are the film snobs so opposed to digital? It doesn't seem to be a reciprocated feeling with many in the digital camp almost apologetic for their choice of medium. If you're so opposed to the digital format why post your work on the web? Film is a poor substitute for religion. To me it doesn't matter what medium you use as long as you take pictures with an open mind.