Christmas wishes
  • Number of tracks in the Christmas category on my mp3 server: 347.
  • Number of days Christmas music has been continuously pumped to the ground floor of my house in an effort to jump start the Christmas spirit: 8.
  • Number of Chipmunk tracks: 10 (very frightening).
  • On random play, number of times I've heard Celine Dion( who I thought I'd purged from my library) in those 8 days: half a dozen.
  • Number of times I've heard Feed the World: 1.


It's a time of traditions and every one seems to invent their own. I hear people saying, "It's not Christmas until I've heard Springsteen's Santa Claus is Coming to Town", or "... until I've read A Christmas Carol", or "... until I've watched A Christmas Story". I don't really have a tradition like that to mark the beginning of Christmas; obviously it's not 347 Christmas songs randomly and continuously cycling though my living room. Nor is it a trip to the mall or making 50+ Christmas cards.

Sometimes the Christmas muse strikes me at some strange time and place, like driving home early on a crowded freeway in the cold and dark, or a taste of marzipan, or a nip of a good single malt, or a whiff of pine, or seeing the lights and trees go up in the houses of my neighborhood. Rarely has the Christmas spirit let me down. I'm sure she won't this year either. In the meantime, while I sit here waiting for the spirit to strike, I share with you a picture of my dog, Babalu, posing for his Christmas portrait and I wish anyone who has stumbled into my corner of the net, a hassle free last shopping weekend and a happy holiday.