Here's my photofriday entry on the subject Tiny, with apologies to Thomas Joshua Cooper among others who are far more talented seascape photographers than me.

It's interesting to browse through the link viewer and see how people have chosen to interpret each weeks theme. I could have predicted what I would see this time without opening a single link; lots of macros of flowers (of course), spiders, insects and frogs, babies hands and feet, small dogs (predominantly pugs and Chihuahuas), a few landscapes with people in the bottom corners or birds in flight against huge sunsets. Anything I come across outside of this limited scope I will vote for. Not that my effort is so original but at least I shot this one with this week's theme in mind.

When you see a container ship close up it looks huge, like a floating city block or two. When you see it on the horizon you realize how small those boats are compared to the ocean.