Green & Pleasant Land

Well, I'm back. Sorry I wasn't really able to post from England but my parents are on dial-up where you pay by the minute and I didn't find a single wireless network I could piggy back off of the whole time I was in Lancashire.

For the curious, the trip back to see my family was so enjoyable we were able to extend it by a couple of days. I did feel a bit of a foreigner in the country of my birth; I looked into voting in the general election but without an address of residence in the UK it was too complicated to pull off in time. After a day's traveling to get back to San Francisco I have jet-lag as vicious as a hang-over and I left my ibuprofen stash in my traveling bag rather than my work bag. I had to go scrounging round my colleagues like a junkie begging for over-the-counter pain-killers. Patti (my partner and fellow traveler) says that the flight is like childbirth; after a little time has passed you forget how bad it was and start planning on doing it all over again.

It is good to be back but it was so good to visit the folks too. I'd forgotten how beautiful and green England was. I'd also forgotten how narrow the roads were, how small the cars and shower stalls were, how bad the coffee was, how smoky the pubs were ... how much I love the place. I'm still unsure if I could live back there again but it is good to visit your roots once in a while.

Apologies if the following few shots are not totally accurate when it comes to their colo(u)r-balance or levels but they were edited at 36,000 feet on my subnote to pass the time on the journey home. Its screen is great but doesn't compare to my old-school, color-balanced, 21" CRT back at home.