Apple iPhone 3G [2008]

iPhone3.jpgMy wife berates my kill-joy attitude and tells me just to have fun with the iPhone and to stop being so serious. I would but people are building careers, fortunes and reputations based upon these snaps and apps. If it gets people fired up to get into photography, great, but if their happy accidents based upon some random algorithm deliberately built into their phone's software get compared with someone really in control of their art and craft then I get upset.
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Apple iPhone 4 [2010]

iPhone 4I liked my 3G. I love my iPhone 4.
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Canon 300D (Digital Rebel) [2003]

In 2003 there was only one choice for the enthusiast photographer wanting to step-up from a digicam to a DSLR and that was Canon's 300D (the original Digital Rebel). By 2005 the enthusiast had a boat-load more options including the new Rebel (350xt), the Pentax *ist, the Nikon D70 (and the new D70s & D50), the Olympus eVolt, the Canon D20 and many more. Being an Olympus fanboy I really wanted to like the eVolt but two things stopped me from remaining loyal to the Olympus brand; its smaller sensor means more noise than its more mainstream competitors, and the lack of reasonable priced lens options. After much internal debate I made the safe, boring and unspectacular choice of getting the original rebel (300d).
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Canon 400D (Digital Rebel XTi) [2006]

If you have the old 300D and have a few lenses, like I have, then the 400D is almost a no-brainer.  It is worth the upgrade for the speed and buffer alone - more megapixels, dust reduction, the larger screen, more focusing points are just gravy.  If you are not already invested in the Canon line then your choice is a little harder, however, like no one ever get fired for buying IBM, few photographers ever regret buying Canon.
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Canon 40D [2007]

40DThe two digit Canon DSLRs have always been a favorite among serious amateur and semi-professional photogs. As my wife falls into this category with a few paying gigs under her belt the 40D is perfect for her. I am still perfectly happy with my digital rebel, the 400 XTI, but I can see the professional image problem of turning up to a client with the same camera as they just bought at Costco. The 40D does set you apart from the beginner DSLR user. At $1300 for the body alone it takes considerably more commitment, or at least more disposable income, than the Rebel. You have to put some thought into this purchase, at least we did. So, for twice the money of the Rebel, do you get twice the camera?
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Canon 5D II [2008]

For the first time ever I have a camera that can do everything I could possibly want and more. The 5D mkII still amazes me.
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Konica Minolta DiMAGE X31 [2004]

Minolta X31 A camera to carry when you don't want to carry a camera. Stylish, bargain, entry-level, point and shoot digicam that easily fits in your pocket or purse. Image quality is respectable enough but the camera has limitations that will frustrate most photogs. However, if your wife just wants a trendy little camera for her purse to shoot the dog or the kids the X31 is worth considering. With a little care you will be able to borrow it to catch an acceptable grab shot now and then.
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Olympus 2000z [1999]

DSC09922tn.jpg The Olympus 2000z was my first 'serious' digital camera and it is the single camera I can attributed with the resurrection of my interest in photography. Of course, being a confirm Zukioholic the 2000z suited my style but it also fulfilled the promise of being a digital camera good enough to make you leave your film camera at home.
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Olympus C-7070wz [2005]

A wide, solid, prosumer digicam from my favorite Manufacturer. The perfect carry camera for many enthusiasts and professionals when they don't want to carry the full banana SLR rig. Especially well suited to street, landscape and interior photography.
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Sony F717 [2002]

Lots of people better qualified than I have conducted very detailed reviews of the Sony F717 digital camera. This is not an amateur's attempt to match those professional reviews but rather and enthusiast's opinions of his camera.
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