Epson R2400 Photo Printer [2005]

I'm trying something new here with an audio review of my workhorse, photo printer. Download the MP3 Epson R2400 review...
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Epson Stylus Photo 820 Inkjet [2002]

This is not a full on review of the 820 but more of an attempt to redress some of the criticisms of this printer which seem to me to be unduly harsh. Since 2002 this has been my main photo printer. Yes, I have got frustrated with it at times. No, I would not recommend this printer to the casual user but if you're an enthusiastic photographer on a limited budget looking for more that 3 inks, this printer could...
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Manfrotto 701HDV [2008]

Manfrotto 701HDV There are cheaper alternatives to the 701HDV but not many and very few with this build quality. The little Manfrotto is manufactured in Italy and is very solid with no plastic components that I could see. Its street price is about $150 which is very reasonable. If you're a still photographer just getting into video this is on piece of equipment you won't outgrow very quickly. Even when you do get a dedicated video tripod you can still use the 701HDV for your second camera or when you want to travel light.
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Pantone ColorVision Spyder [2002]

The ColorVision Spyder is not a glamorous tool despite it's acrylic construction and beautiful storage case. It's not sexy because it's going to spend the majority of it's life sitting on you bookshelf in its box. I use it once every couple of months to make sure nothing has drifted, or after I have changed any hardware to do with my screen display. It's not sexy but I'm sure that it has already paid for itself in avoiding spoiled prints and frustration.
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Tamrac Adventure 9 Backpack [2006]

What's In My Camera Bag Like a lot of photographers I am always searching for the perfect camera bag. Unfortunately there's no such thing. There's no one bag that's perfect for everybody; no one bag that's even perfect for any one person all the time.
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Vivitar 283 Flash [1975]

In a world of disposable electronics it is amazing to come across the Vivitar 283 flash unit. The 283 is the VW bug of flash guns; first released, as far as I can determine, in 1975 it is still being manufactured and used extensively today.
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