Without electricity 2

The planned second night time, electrical outage happened and this time I thought I was prepared. I powered everything down in a controlled way before I went to bed. The outage was supposed to happen from 12:30am until 3. At 5:40am I was awoken by a now familiar high pitched beep coming from the uninterruptible power supply in the office. It was distant and faint but the more I tried to ignore it the more it seemed to invade my head until finally I got up to kill it.

This time, when I powered everything back up the problematic network leg in the bottom floor of the house came back functioning as intended but the wireless devices had problems. It's always something isn't it? As the designated geek of our household it was my job to fix it. After several hours that evening flashing BIOS and updating drivers I tried changing the channel of the wireless network as a last resort and everything started functioning properly again. Why? Has someone in my neighborhood installed some early Xmas present that interferes with my wireless network? I 've no idea. I do know that I hate technology when it behaves in a seeming irrational way.


I got something published on the photo meme "A Picture's Worth" yesterday. I like the idea of combining short essays with a picture and the varied contributors and contributions make for a interesting place to pass an hour. The antipodean David who runs the site should be congratulated on such a good and well executed idea.