Christmas gift

Just reminding / informing anyone who is interested that the 3 year free hosting offer from for US residents expires in a couple of weeks. I am not affiliated in anyway with, just passing on what is a great deal. This is not a cut down hosting service where you have to pay for technology extensions, or for decent space and bandwidth, or where you have to put up with any advertising banners or popups. This site will be hosted free for three years with no obligation at the end of that time and, so far, I'm very satisfied with the service. I thought the days of web freebies were long gone but this deal has proved to me that you don't always get what you pay for. If you're currently paying to have your site / blog hosted check out the 1and1 offer - it may seem too good to be true but it is genuine.

Happy holidays - Martin

Addendum: It turns out I'm not the only one who has found 1and1 and has been recommending it to all my friends; here's another independent, enthusiast's review of the service and the offer.

Trying to set up Movabletype on 1and1? Here is a link to my successful experience.