SFMoMA Parking Lot

Welcome to 2004 and to start the year here is another parking lot photo (others1, 2). I don't know what it is about parking lots that intrigue me. Perhaps it's their totally utilitarian designs and inherent gray, concrete-ness. They're so often over looked as a place to dump the car while you go to see something else.

Something to check out; I am one of the photobloggers in Photojunkies' "Best of 2003 Photoblogs". There's some nice work to be seen there if you've got some time to kill and it's a nice introduction to a slew of photoblogs I didn't even know existed.

Other things to be proud of: I finally got my site to be returned in the first page of google when you search on my name (8th as of today). It's something of a personal quest to reclaim my name from more prominent Martin Taylor's at least in the virtual arena. If you want to read how I did this, I wrote all I know about influencing the Google search bots here. Looking at my refer stats more than half of you drift in here after searching google; sorry all you disappointed jazz fans.