I am camera-less! My wife would disagree with that and you might too if you were to see the collection that inhabits the spare room. What I mean is that I just dropped my Sony F717 (my main camera for the past two and a half years) at the post office to go to the repairers. And in New York my first DSLR is packaged up at Adorama and I'm desperately waiting for UPS tracking number that they sent me to go live. I'm as excited as a kid before Christmas and I spent way too much time this weekend researching RAW workflows and future lens purchases

I'm glad I bought the extended warranty when I got the Sony or the repair would be expensive for a camera now worth a third of its original retail price. It doesn't seem that you can get someone to even open your camera up for less that $200 these days. I bought a 5 year warranty with the digital rebel this time; this way I'm guaranteed to get 5 years out of it even though it is unlikely to be my main rig by that time.